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Ace Services is proud to be associated with Disaster Recovery Institute International, USA, as their affiliate in India and the surrounding region. As a result of the association, Ace Services is also called the 'DRI India'. In keeping with the highest standards of global education in the field of Business Continuity Management, DRI India now offers DRI International, USA, training courses in India.

Disaster Recovery Institute International (DRI International) was founded in 1988 in Washington DC as the institute to develop a base of knowledge in the field of contingency planning and the management of risk. Today, DRI International administers the industry's premier educational and certification programs for those engaged in the practice of business continuity management (BCM).

Training Courses & Workshops

Continuity: Business Continuity Management BCLE-2000 & Business Continuity Management Review BCP-501

Advanced Continuity: Master's Case Study Review BCP-601

Risk Managment: Risk Management Continuity RMLE-2000 & Risk Management Continuity Review RMP-501

Cyber Resilience: Cyber Resilience CRLE-2000

Workshops: IT/DR Planning, Pandemic Preparedness, Business Impact Analysis, Business Continuity for Supply Chain Management, Business Continuity Exercises, Business Continuity Metrics, Business Continuity Overview

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